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I am inviting you to come and join us for the next workshop “Increase Sales through Facebook.” But before I give you some information on it, I’d like to tell you a bit about Why Facebook can help your business.

Why use Facebook for Business?

Facebook is an awesome way to promote your products, services, and brand. It allows your fans to ask questions before they buy. It is also a great platform for customer service and pre-sales questions for any business, may it be large or small. It is not biased about an industry or product type. It works for everyone. That is if you know what you are doing.

Who is this workshop for?

If you already have a Facebook for business page, or would like one, and you really don’t know how to make it work to generate business leads, then this workshop is for you.

You may be interested in Facebook for Business to:

    • Gain more sales leads
    • Showcase your products features and benefits
    • Direct people to offers, events and your shopping cart
    • Brand awareness

Facebook is truly an inexpensive way to market your business. No wonder Facebook for Business is the place to be, whatever your motivation is.

When my clients ask me “can you make money on Facebook?“, The Answer is YES..

Facebook is one of the most profitable ways to engage with your clients and promote your products and services. This can be done through your fanbase via group posts & comments, advertising and from search engines. 

I have worked with a lot more clients who have had very positive outcomes in regards to their page.

But do you know that It is better to make a strategy of what and how you want Facebook to work for you and then focus on that.


That is because the most common misconception on Facebook is this:  “Everything you post on your page will be seen by your fans, liker and followers.”

This is NOT TRUEThe FACT is this: “Only up to 2% will engage with your page post.”


What is engagement?

You will often here the term engagement on Facebook. But what is it? Engagement is the unique number of people who liked, commented, shared or clicked on your post.

So what that means is, If you have 200 likes with a 2% engagement rate, based on what time of day you post, you will only get 4 people who liked, commented, shared or clicked on it.

Through this workshop, we can help you with this challenge by teaching you how to engage with your fans to gain more likes, comments and shares.



The online community is very similar to a face to face communication. You need to be able to build rapport with your audience. This is what you will learn in this workshop. 

I teach skills for you to gain more connections from tried and tested techniques. This includes asking the right questions to gain more engagement, which inevitably leads to more sales.

When I talk to a new client about how to market their business online, whether through search engine marketing or working with the social networks, I always cement the fact that to be successful you need to know what you are wanting to achieve. So to make money on Facebook you must really focus on your marketing strategy.

Identify what you are trying to achieve

Are you trying to drive traffic to your site for people to buy your product or service?

Are you wanting to build your brand awareness,to keep your existing potential customers up to date with your industry and your information, so that when they are ready to come back and buy they come back to you as you have built a relationship with them?

Is your reason for going onto Facebook creating more leads? 

Do you plan to generate a pipeline of new prospects that you may not been able to come across based on their specific interests?

Are you wanting to build more rapport and customer service into your business? Or do you simply want to give your clients more information about your products and services.

You may be wanting to find a great pipeline of leads for your business that is cost effective

Facebook can do all of this. We can help you through our “Increase Sales through Facebook course“.


What we will be covering:


How to grow your fanbase

    • working with your insights
    • advertising types, tips, and set-up
    • audiences – working in reverse

Page Management and Content Strategy

    • Types of questions to get the best engagement

    • Posting ideas, content and times

    • Video engagement tips

    • Scheduling on FB


FB Marketing Tips

    • How to understand your ideal clients
    • How to set-up your FB Pixel
    • How to work with different types of of adverts
    • Shopping cart integration 
    • Organic marketing with your Insights


    • Free & cost effective image sourcing
    • Watch parties
    • Video lives
    • Stories

Don’t Wait ! ! !

If you have a Facebook page but not sure how to engage your audience, whether you have no experience or very little, if you have heard of the benefits of Facebook but don’t have a Facebook page, this is the workshop for you.

FB For Learning

Top 10 Ways on How You Can Earn Money on Facebook

1. Building a fan base to promote your products and services

✔ Great exposure for your specials and overall product and services features and benefits.

✔ Makes advertising cheaper.

✔ Straight connection to your potential & current clients.

✔ It gives great interaction for pre-sale questions.

2. Steering traffic to your website

By interacting with your fans you can direct them to your products and services and showcase a lot more with your website

3. Lowering your marketing expenses

Reaching a targeted audience, Facebook allow you to hone in on your clients interests, age, gender and location

4. Promoting

Offers with Facebook offers you can give potential and current customers a reason to come and see you through your unique product or special.

Excellent way of getting people to come to you with a special etc.

5. Promote Events

This is great If you want to build say a loyalty club with your special events.

6. Integrate your email marketing program with a landing page on or off Facebook.

You can build forms within Facebook for customers to fill in their interest.

You can upload your database email address to get likes.

7. Create a call to action for your ecommerce website on Facebook

8. Add a shopping cart to Facebook means customers don’t need to leave Facebook.

9. More link heading to your website helps with your search engine rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

10. It opens you up to more mobile interactions.

It allows you to connect with your fans throughout the day. So customers are seeing you throughout the day if they choose to.

Client Testimonials:

Through the development of our website, search engine optimization and the Facebook for Business training. We have seems a dramatic climb in website traffic to our business. We would like to thank M Business & Marketing Solutions for all their work.
Karla Bacon

Warwick Outdoor and Sports

Did some Facebook training with Mike. Loved it. I really got motivated by it. Thanks again
Scott Walters

Stain Busters Toowoomba